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"Striving for excellence, delivering the impossible"

Robot Nation provides technical and creative consulting services to clients developing custom robotics systems for live entertainment applications. Our experienced developmental consulting brings best-of-breed extreme robotics programming to your project. The Robot Nation consulting practice celebrates over a decade of accolades from around the world.

andyRobot provides creative thought leadership and advanced engineering expertise in the vertical of advanced large format robotics systems design for entertainment and other applications. Our software systems are used for mission critical applications around the globe. Our service is a proven force multiplier for the world's biggest brands. We are available to assist in your custom robotics project, worldwide.

Making your robot dreams a robotic reality


  • Creative & Technical Design Analysis

  • Access to proprietary andyRobot technologies such as Robot Animator software plugin for Autodesk Maya.

  • Custom Robotics Programming

  • 24/7 on-call status/phone access

  • Worldwide Remote Field Service

Complete Systems Design & Oversight

andyRobot creates entire turnkey robotic systems. We can help you manage your design from concept to creation, including hardware configurations, creative and technical development, installation, and operator training. We provide advanced engineering including complete robot acquisition assistance and purchasing. andyRobot provides oversight on robotics projects throughout the entire work-flow and beyond.


Rapidly transform your staff into robot programmers

We provide Robot Animator specific training from non-technical novice to expert with comprehensive packaged or custom training at your location or online. We also provide training on client specific projects and techniques ranging from robot choreography to advanced robot programming.

What is Robot Animator?

  • Robot Animator makes it very simple to create and program fluid motion with your robot.

  • A proprietary software plugin for Autodesk Maya which provides complete animation based programming for KUKA and ABB robots.

  • Use 3D animation techniques to animate robot models and generate a program that instructs the real robot to move in exactly the same way.


Kuka Robot Rigs Robot Animator includes selected major KUKA robot models in both Inverse Kinematic and Forward Kinematic versions. Each model is highly accurate to factory spec for full throttle performance

Simple usser interface

Simple GUI Interface The Robot Animator simplified GUI for new users will have you programming a real robot in minutes. If you are an experienced Maya user you will be very comfortable with the elegant simplicity of Robot Animator integration into the overall Maya workflow

automatic speed analysis

Automatic Speed Analysis Robot Animator applies speed and acceleration correction as you animate. Robot Animator conforms your programs to the specifications of each robot model. Motions inside Robot Animator are truly WYSIWYG. What you see in Robot Animator, is what you get on the real robot


Easy Automatic Code Generation No coding required. Robot Animator automatically generates all required robot program code, ready to load and run on the KUKA KR C4. Exactly zero programming knowledge required with Robot Animator. Extreme robotics programming with KUKA robots is here for all to experience

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