Things to do for Jan invoice

Finish History page

Add References pages

Things to search for and add

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia April 2018 article Crown Prince Muhammed Sabic robot Katy TX one page letter. Ask Andy for photo - Found the article. added it to references and History

BP Magic Show - got it.

ABB Booths and Kuka Booths

Weltmeister - got it. Tweet only

KMF2 in Japan - got it

Cool video andy has for theme park roller coasters - ask Andy

Write an article about your computer animation background - on hold

MTV VMA's - got it

Clients - Stack to the left, include logo, click on logo it goes to the article.

Add Twitter feed page. - Done with free version, very basic.

Patents it's own top level menu. - Done

Copyright notice in footer - Done

Give Andy W-9

Want it academic and bibliographic reference look and feel.

Next steps: Feb. 7

  1. Change andyRobot graphic TM to R Circle, advanced robotic design - Done

  2. Add Patents text from to end of Copyright section, has to be searchable. - Done

  3. Get paragraph about Jon's work now for Profile page. - Done.

  4. Robot Revolution with andyRobot - Den of Thieves Executive producer of VMA's - Couldn't find anything.

  5. Change History page to Profile page and add profile info on top - Done

  6. Get all media files Twitter and Instagram, put in Media tab - Images Done

Next steps: Feb 11

  1. Rewrite RobotAnimator, page, describe RA as custom software available for consulting engagements. - done.

  2. Upload social media vids to AR YouTube account. Curate video playlist to display on - done

  3. Create separate pages for Video and Images - done

  4. Configure video player to read from special Playlist on youTube.- done

  5. Test and Redesign site using Wix editor for mobile.- done

    1. Complete test of all links on main site.

    2. Complete test of mobile design on iPhone.

    3. Determine steps to launch site.

      1. Domain pointing info.​

      2. What sites link to - done

    4. Point domain to new site.​

  6. Write NASA asteroid mission article.

  7. Write and design sidebar for this article from notes below. New uses of my invention. 

  8. 2010 Grammy's Bon Jovi background Working Man, Black singer experimental background, holographic bird

  9. Add arena shows for Bon Jovi tour. 

Notes for NASA article sidebar

JPL purchased 3 robot with andyRobot logo. 

Rocket scientists need to become roboticists on short notice. andy provided guidance. 

AR made rocket scientists into robotic engineers for NASA. Not all projects are known. Re-listen she's talking about Mars.

Robot dreams, the sound on Mars, unknown future projects. I no longer understand my own invention. How it can be used by others to do thing he never dreamed of.

Months of deciding which robots to buy. They bought them and he met with a highly intelligent NASA scientist. They would stop by his house to ask questions. Need to land something the size of a car on the surface of the moon around Europa. Why don't you have a harpoon to pierce the surface and capture some surface samples. 

Speak at Pratt in NYC out of the blue. Sommerly calls, the FBI was just here. Looked around and asked if he knew the Korean lady down the street. 2 weeks later they buy 5 copies of RobotAnimator.  Leidos, integrated threat warning system


Went once to teach robot animator, came back and learned of the new applications they were using it for. Montesourii style within JPL when things needed to be roboticised real quick without the learning curve. 

Check from JPL. 

Took pics with Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park at NASA before he died. Broker a deal to sell pics of him, Getty Images? Can we broker a deal? Has original images, Andy owns them. 

Next thing after website

8 RoboScreens going into Bloomindales, andy to send white paper

Make Clipboard for Bloomingdales boss to show to LEvi's.  real legit looking, user journey map